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Free Download Your Entire WordPress Website Posts for Backup [2024]

Backing up your WordPress website is one of the most important things you can do as a site owner. If your site ever goes down due to hacking, server issues, or other problems, having a recent backup can literally be a lifesaver.

One easy way to backup your WordPress site is to download the entire WordPress installation including all your posts, pages, themes, plugins, and images. This allows you to fully restore or migrate your site if needed.

In this post, we’ll explain how you can use our new free tool to quickly and easily download your WordPress website public posts in a single click.

Introducing the WordPress Backup Downloader Tool

We’ve created a free online tool that allows you to input any WordPress website URL and download all the WordPress posts contents in one convenient ZIP file.

The tool simplifies the WordPress backup process so you don’t have to worry about FTP or database access. You don’t even need hosting login credentials.

It also gives you the option to only download posts published after a specific date. This is great for updating or migrating a website when you only need new content.

Here’s an overview of how the WordPress Backup Downloader tool works:

How to Use the WordPress Backup Downloader Tool

1. Input the WordPress Domain

First, you enter the full domain name of the WordPress site you want to download posts from. For example, https://yourwebsite.com.

2. Choose a Start Date

Next, you can choose to limit the download to only posts published after a certain date by entering it in YYYY-MM-DD format. Click on the calendar icon to select the date

3. Click “Click To Download”

Hitting the download button initiates the fetch & download process. The tool will now fetch your WordPress data and content.

4. Download the ZIP File (will start automatically)

The tool downloads posts published after your specified date, saving each post as a text file. All text files are compressed into a single ZIP folder for easy downloading.

For most standard WordPress sites, the download should complete within 10 second – 2 minutes depending on the final file size.

The ZIP file contains all your WordPress posts in text format, which can be easily imported back to WordPress or any other platform. The text files retain all formatting, images, links, etc.


Having a full backup of your WordPress site is always a smart idea. Our WordPress Backup Downloader tool makes it quick and easy to download your entire site or just new posts after a certain date.

The download gives you a full archive of your content that can be restored if your site ever goes down. It’s also great for migrating your site to a new host or platform.

Go ahead and use the WordPress Backup Downloader tool to backup your site today! Let us know if you have any questions through chat support.